archi5 was founded in 2003, from the common experience in agency of its founders and their shared conception of architecture. The agency has over 45 employees working in Montreuil, near Paris. It develops its skills by forging strategic links with the best technical partners and specialist consultants.
Reasoned inventiveness can be found in our projects as well as in the numerous architectural and urban planning competitions in which the agency participates.

I hope you will understand that architecture has nothing to do with the invention of forms, it is not a playground for children, young or old.
Architecture wrote the history of the epochs and gave them their names

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Starting from a rigorous analysis of the context and a sensitive listening to expectations, our objective is to respond with simple forms to needs that are always complex. These forms are welcoming and legible: they anchor the building in its landscape, allowing for and developing life around it. This does not make us formalists: from the outset, our agency has cultivated a diversity of architectural styles. Each project, with its own materials and scale, is an autonomous system, engaged in a dialogue with its environment, its users and its inhabitants. Going beyond the sum of the responses to the programme, it produces a singular emotion.


Because building is always a societal project, our work is based on a culture of openness, listening and exchange with all stakeholders. We also believe that a collaborative practice of architecture and urban planning is a guarantee of sustainable success for a project. This approach allows us to bring together different partners in an efficient and economical project dynamic. It is also a way for us to open up to new collaborations, to tackle complex issues with agility, thanks to our solid network.


Our systemic approach has led us to consider the environmental impact of our projects from the outset and to think about a sustainable construction economy.
This is why archi5 designs passive buildings, beyond the current standards. We have therefore developed sober and reliable solutions, based on fundamental elements such as orientation, ventilation and the quality of the envelope.

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Responsable administratif et financier

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