Competition prize winner for the Jean Racine middle school in Alençon

We are pleased to announce our success for competition for the Jean Racine middle school in Alençon. All the details by clicking here

Michelet plot completed

We are glad to show you our latest project : the îlot Michelet dwellings in Fontenay-sous-Bois. Client : RATP Habitat & Terralia Immobilier With EPDC, Endroits en vert, Bouygues Bâtiment IDF   Photographs by the talented Sergio Grazia

End of works approaches in Orléans

Today we invite you to discover the site of the future Orleans middle school, this program also includes a gymnasium and a multipurpose hall. The college will be completed by the end of the year and the gymnasium next February.  

Completion is near in Pierrefitte

Delivery in sight in a few weeks for Le Piazza, an operation of 68 wood structure housing units, in Pierrefitte sur Seine. Some images to discover this project.

Balconies in Massy

A short stroll in the forest of Massy to discover the progress of the 49 housing project in the wooded park of Vilgenis. The wooden structure continues and the first balconies appear.

Wood sun screens

The façades of Coupvray school and leisure center are unveiling themselves through the alliance of Hainaut wood tiles and wood sun screens.

Inauguration of modular building in Ris-Orangis

Visit of the Mendès France high school construction site in Ris-Orangis: the 4500 m² of modular buildings have been inaugurated early November. The classes will take place there during the demolition / reconstruction work. The first phase will be delivered in a year and the second in November 2022.

Following of the works at Garges lès Gonesse

Following of the works through a nice autumn sunlight, ongoing concrete works, insulation and the first cladding elements will appear soon.

Stone and wood in Coupvray

The particular shape of the project is clearly visible and the Pierre du Hainaut and wood cladding is almost completed. Client : Val d’Europe agglomération With Ingérop, Cap Horn Solutions, Atelier Roberta and Alma consulting.

First curtain walls at Garges lès Gonesse cultural facility

Visit of the works of the future cultural facility in Garges-lès-Gonesse. The first curtain walls are appearing. Client : City of Garges lès Gonesse With Egis, Cap Horn Solutions, Ateliers59, Concepto, Architecture et technique.