A new neighborhood is being established in the Marjoberts sector between the Boulevard de l’Oise and the A15 freeway, on the border between Cergy and Pontoise. In this neighborhood in the process of being built, the buildings are located on lot 8 of the Marjoberts district development sector designed by Nexity-Apollonia and the Leclercq agency, the neighborhood’s urban planner.

In dialogue with the surrounding buildings, Nexity’s new buildings develop the specific characteristics of this district according to its location in the heart of the block with a sober and legible architecture.
This sobriety highlights the play of volumes created by a two-level base and the play of duplex attic levels.
By setting back 3 m from the boundary with the alley of discovery and the alley of light creates a natural vegetated area to give privacy to the housing on the ground floor.

An alleyway will be created between the building of lot 8 D and 8 E. Buildings 8D and 8E form a sub-unit on the scale of the block. They create an inhabited alley, a place that combines intimacy and conviviality. Bordered by private gardens, the alley is a collective place at the scale of the condominium. The alley gives access to the duplex apartments on the ground floor, whose individualized entrance is made as in a house. The facades covered with pre-grained wood reinforces the domesticity of the base and the spirit of the “duplex-home”.

From the low floor of the first floor, the buildings will be made of modular wood structure. This modular wood system will allow the construction of everything in the factory, including the finishing of the dwellings, in order to allow a fast and optimized construction site combining great qualities of finishing.

LOCATION : Cergy, France
PROGRAM : Construction of 60 dwellings with modular wooden structure.
SURFACE : 3 890 m²
COST : 4 387 500 € Excl. Tax.
TIMETABLE : Construction permit registered July 2020
CLIENT : Nexity
ENGINEER : Arkham ingénierie
RENDERINGS : Damien Laurens