Feyder high school, Épinay-sur-Seine


The rehabilitation of the Lycée Feyder has important implications for the users of the school. It will have to offer a framework conducive to improving the success of students and the development of their potential. The new high school offers the setting for the expected renewal.With a strong image for a new identity, the high school will be anchored in its time, and will offer the new uses that it lacked, united in a heart for its users. To the complex demand of a complete redesign with a tight budget in an occupied site, the new high school offers a simple and legible answer.

A high school in continuity with its past, an island of tranquility, in a controlled and reassuring environment.

The high school period is rich and sometimes tumultuous in the construction of the identity of adolescents. It is also a pivotal period in the school curriculum that weighs on the future of young people as the first choices of their future professional life. For the students, as well as for the teachers and supervisory staff, it is important that the place where they live be a vector of balance and well-being, and an object of pride. This is the spirit of the new Feyder high school.

LOCATION : Épinay sur Seine, France
PROGRAM : Restructuration & extension of the high school, construction of student dwellings, environmental design.
SURFACE : 14 897.2 m²
COST : 23 755 862 € Excl. Tax.
TMETABLE : Competition prize winner March 2015 – Completion 2022
CLIENT : Essone aménagement for Région Île de France
PHOTOGRAPHS : Sergio Graza