Robespierre park, Bagneux


Robespierre Park and the Niki de St-Phalle school currently under construction are in the immediate vicinity of the future multimodal hub of Bagneux station and Cosson Park.
The workshop work undertaken with local residents on the Robespierre park, combined with the proximity of the two parks (200m), is looking at the dialogue and possible links with the Cosson park, which is also being designed and where work is due to start in 2019. The Robespierre Park project is taking a longer time frame, due to the timeframe of the construction work being carried out on the site by Société du Grand Paris. Project management studies and the start of construction work will be launched once the Grand Paris Express project is completed in 2025.
The Niki de St-Phalle School project is in close dialogue with both its neighbourhood and the future park. The building adopts an enveloping form that fits into the existing topography. This continuity between building and landscape is one of the conceptual foundations of the landscaping project.
The presentation of Robespierre Park raised a number of questions and comments from local residents. The workshop that followed was therefore quickly set up, with a clear desire on the part of residents to express their views.

The discussions got under way in a lively atmosphere, with some residents not hesitating to express their concern, and sometimes their discontent, about the temporary closure of Robespierre Park and the major projects underway that affect their everyday environment.
Through their lively discussions, participants demonstrated their attachment to the existing park and to what it could contribute to their living environment.
The “problems” discussed at the start of the workshop were replaced by the “desires” and wishes of the residents for the future park. The Balneolais people present took an active part in the workshop, writing down their ideas, comments and questions with conviction on post-it notes.
The final project is therefore the fruit of a series of workshops with the park’s residents and future users, during which they thought about how to share the issues and visions, visited other parks that had been built, learned about the concepts of approach and limits, and came up with two development scenarios. It was therefore a real collective reflection and co-design that led to the creation of this project.

LOCATION : Bagneux, France
PROGRAM : Conception of the future Robespierre park after workshops with city inhabitants.
SURFACE : 2,2 ha
COST : 1,5 M€ Excl. Tax.
TIMETABLE : Studies 2019 – Beginning of the works 2025
CLIENT : Ville de Bagneux
RENDERINGS : Fred Peronne