Dojo Delaune


The construction of a new Dojo offers the possibility of profoundly transforming the image of the site and of offering a remarkable building, as much by its architectural quality as its durability and its inclusion in a long-term ecological approach.  The reduced size of the site, with regard to a rich program (multi-purpose hall, dojo and soccer changing rooms), requires an optimization of the functionality. The answer is a unitary building where the multipurpose room and the dojo room are superimposed. The functions are irrigated by the hall in double height. The project, mainly in structure and wooden facades, privileges a realization in dry process.

The new Dojo offers a strong and emblematic image. The building embodies its function and expresses the values of sport, excellence and humility. The building is elegant and timeless to offer a real place to live and practice for a long time and to be part of an exemplary ecological approach. It is composed of a simple volume, almost cubic, and overcome by an extension that embraces the volume of the multipurpose room and allows the integration of technical premises. The treatment of all facades is homogeneous.

The roof is planted with vegetation, with a significant thickness for generous plantings and allowing to reach the coefficient of biotope. The hall is revealed by a large glazed corner facade that reveals the warm and welcoming interior atmosphere of natural wood. Large bays open onto the practice rooms for a generous and controlled natural lighting. At once sober, light and sophisticated, the facade evokes the suppleness of a fabric, inscribed in a grid that varies according to the levels where the hollow curves of two scales are printed. A contrast between the white metal cladding and the wooden joinery reveals the architectural bias of a warm heart surrounded by a sober and poetic envelope.

The objective is to offer the public and users a place to live that brings people together. This is the aesthetic choice that is expressed in the building’s interior. With the warmth of wood and the careful details of the framework, the dojo and the multipurpose room are at once warm, sober and soothing. The know-how of the carpenters and wood craftsmen will be highlighted, with assemblies studied for their aesthetics.

LOCATION : Bobigny, France
PROGRAM : Reconstruction of Dojo Delaune
SURFACE :  1 415 m²
COST : 4 264 832 € Excl. Tax.
TIMETABLE : Completion January 2024
CLIENT : City of Bobigny
ARCHITECT : archi5
ACOUSTIC ENGINEER : Cap Horn Solutions
RENDERINGS : Fred Peronne